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Michael Slattery | tenor
La Nef

ACD2 2726
The People’s Purcell reunites tenor Michael Slattery and La Nef to perform some of the most beautiful music by Henry Purcell (1659-1695).   Though grounded in the baroque tradition, the vast body of work by Purcell is fertile ground for musical explorations.   The People's Purcell invites listeners to hear this music in a new way.   Set with shruti box, archlute, cittern, flute, nyckelharpa, baroque violin, viola, cello, and viola da gamba, Purcell's baroque songs take on a different flavour in these new arrangements by Michael Slattery, Grégoire Jeay, Seán Dagher, and Amanda Keesmaat.

As with their previous album, Dowland in Dublin (ACD2 2650), La Nef and Michael Slattery take inspired creative liberties with Purcell's music.   “Over time, I have learned to hear the profundity in the subtleties as well as the sheer variety of Purcell's musical language, each time with renewed pleasure.   With this album, we invite listeners to discover Purcell in a light that we believe he would have appreciated,” says Sylvain Bergeron, Artistic Director of La Nef.

• Founded in 1991 in Montreal, La Nef creates, produces, and distributes concerts, multidisciplinary and multimedia shows, physical and digital albums, musical tales, and CD-books.   Its wide-ranging repertoire includes ancient and early music, the music of oral traditions, world music, and experimental and contemporary approaches to musical creation.

• Michael Slattery has performed at many prestigious festivals, including Edinburgh, Athens, Aspen Music, Mostly Mozart, and Williamstown.

• Slattery's solo recordings include The Irish Heart and, Dowland in Dublin with La Nef, which was named one of the best recordings of 2012 by Opera News.

1. An Evening Hymn
2. She loves and she confesses  
3. More love or more disdain
4. Music for a while
5. The Fairy Queen Suite #1
6. Come all ye songsters
7. The Fairy Queen Suite #2
8. Let each gallant heart
  9. Ah how pleasant tis to love
10. Furstenberg / Abdelazar
11. Fairest Isle
12. King Arthur Suite
13. When I Have Often Heard
14. I attempt from love's sickness to fly
15. If Love's a sweet passion
16. Dido's Lament

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